SD Service UG is agent of the Ballast Water Managment Systems manufacturer - PANASIA.
In order to prevent microbes present in discharged water from disrupting the ecosystem,the International Maritime Organization (IMO) established the Ballast Water Management Convention in 2004 which makes it mandatory for ships with a total tonnage of 400t or more to install a ballast water treatment system.
This convention concerns standards for ballast water exchanges, treatment, and discharges in international waters, Port State Control (PSC), the installation and inspection of treatment systems, etc., and it will come into force due to '30 or more countries ratified the convention, and the total tonnage of ships owned by the membership countries more than 35% of the world total tonnage.

SOx Scrubbing System for ship

SD Service UG  is agent of the SOx Scrubbing System manufacturer - PANASIA
International Maritime Organization (IMO) has set the maximum allowable content of sulfur in fuel used by ships through MARPOL 73/78 ‘International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships’ that entered into force in 2005. All ships operating in SECA (Sulfur Emission Control Area) have been required to use fuel with the sulfur content of 1% or less since July 2010 and to use fuel with the sulfur content of 0.1% or less since 2015. In addition, regulatory requirement of using fuels with the sulfur content of 0.5% or less in all oceans throughout the world is to take effect in 2020.
To meet the requirements on the permitted sulfur levels in ships’ fuels, ships must use fuels with low sulfur content or be equipped with the desulfurization system equivalent to meet IMO, MARPOL 73/78 regulations. Low sulfur fuel is a viable option on a short term basis but are too expensive to use which makes the flue gas desulfurization system combined with a continued use of existing high sulfur fuels an optimal alternative in terms of long-term operating costs while meeting environmental regulations.

Level Control & Measurement System for Ship

SD Service UG is agent of the Level Control Measurement Systems manufacturer - PANASIA
Panasia's level control and measurement system for ships makes it possible to control and gauge levels, volumes, temperatures, etc. of the ship's crude oil, fuel, and ballast tanks. In addition, equipped with monitoring and alarm features, the system also provides a foundation on which ships can sail safely and stably.


Our Company offers a comprehensive supply of marine chemicals, including:
  • Additives for water treatment boiler
  • Additives to handle engine cooling systems
  • Fuel Additives
  • Detergent chemistry
  • Products for evaporators and desalination plants for reverse osmosis
  • Rapid tests for water analysis
  • Test kits for oil analysis
  • Technical gases
  • Welding equipment, electrodes and other consumables
  • Chemistry for washing tanks and holds


Our Company offers a comprehensive supply of technical spare parts & stores including:
  • Spare parts for main and auxiliary diesel engines
  • Spare parts for boiler equipment
  • Spare parts for air compressors, fuel and oil separators, and other auxiliary equipment
  • Consumables for deck and engine management
  • Bearings


marine lubricants

Our company offers a comprehensive supply of marine lubricants, including:
  • Crosshead Diesel Cylinder oIl
  • Crosshead Diesel System oil
  • Medium-Speed Engine oil
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Circulating oil
  • Gear oil
  • Refrigeration oil
  • Air Compressor oil
  • Gas Turbine oil
  • VGP Approved oil


Our Company is a partner of the manufacturer of innovative cylinder lubrication systems for two-stroke diesel engines. The patented Hans Jensen cylinder lubrication system makes it possible to reduce the consumption of cylinder oil almost twice, and also to reduce the wear of the cylinder sleeve several times. Thus, the use of cylinder lubrication systems Hans Jensen can significantly reduce the cost of operating and repairing the main marine engine.
Hans Jensen Lubricators a/s has developed an electronically controlled (hydraulically driven) lubricator, for cylinder lubrication of 2-stroke diesel engines. hJ Lubtronic ensures:
  • Optimised feed rate
  • Injection with every engine revolution
  • Flexible feed rate
  • Load regulation (especially for engines without cam shaft)
  • Easy operation
  • Flexible timing
  • Enhanced safety

Our Company is a partner of the innovative piston ring evaluation condition unitProject name manufacturer – SemInventions. Project name - Piston Ring Evaluation Condition Laser Uni System (PRECLUS) for determinate scuffing's, broken and wears of piston rings at running engine.
  • This system suitable for any crank mechanism. It can be all combustion engines - two & four stroke diesels, piston block of auxiliary mechanisms - piston air compressors, piston pumps, etc.
  • For one piston ring PRECLUS made more than 100 vertical measurement per one piston stroke
  • Laser sensor accuracy of distance measurement of up to 5 microns
  • Laser measurement rate 50000 per second
  • Piston ring photo inspection during engine operation
  • Unique product, development and last innovation for shipping
  • PRECLUS is very easy for use on board vessel by crew with different level of grounding